Fitness Benefits of Dance for Kids

Are you thinking about signing up your child for dance class? If so, there are plenty of reasons to do so. Not only does dance teach them to communicate with others, but it’s great exercise.

Here are just a few of the fitness benefits of dance:

Flexibility: dance is a great way to increase flexibility. Not only does dance require a lot of stretching, but it also demands flexibility to do some of the moves. Dance forces you to become flexible over time.

Coordination: dance can also help with Read the rest of this entry »

How to Learn Ballroom Dancing Quickly

People who do not know how to dance might not ever expect to learn this skill. However, some life events call for people to dance in front of others. The most common event that calls for ballroom dancing would be when people get married or when they are invited to the weddings of loved ones and friends. Rather than appear to be inept and be embarrassed, people may instead opt to learn ballroom dancing quickly. When they want to learn this skill as quickly Read the rest of this entry »

The Top Five Health Benefits of Dancing

You might be surprised to learn that there is more to dancing than just having a good time. Whether you are into salsa dancing or just dancing around your bedroom in your unmentionables, you are reaping health benefits. Next time you are thinking about taking a dance lesson, keep these benefits in mind.
1.Dancing makes you tremendously flexible. It is important to stretch before dancing so that you can achieve full range of motion with your muscles. The more bending and stretching you do, the better you will become at it.
2.Dancing Read the rest of this entry »

How to Prevent Injuries During Dance Practice

If you are a dancer, then you know how important it is to take care of your body. There are some things that you can do to prevent an injury in dance practice. Drink plenty of water, and try to avoid sodas and other drinks with lots of sugar. Drinks with a high sugar content will make you tired, and you will lose focus soon after you drink them. Always stretch before you begin practicing. Take about 20 minutes to stretch the legs and arms so that they are ready for the intense movement of Read the rest of this entry »

The Five Best Stretches for Dancing

Dancing is great fun as well as a great form of exercise. Like any exercise, it is important to stretch before you start dancing. Your muscles need to “wake up”, or you risk the chance of injuring yourself. Just like you wouldn’t drive a cold car, you shouldn’t dance on cold muscles.

There are five stretches that work your muscles to get them ready for a dancing session.

1.Butterfly Stretch- This stretch works your inner thighs and gets your muscles Read the rest of this entry »

Cardiovascular Benefits From Salsa, Samba, Cha Cha and Rumba

It is a generally universally accepted fact that daily cardiovascular activity is key to an individual’s well-being and heart health. All of us should engage in some sort of activity each and every day. For some that means going to the gym or taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood. However, some of us find those activities dull and boring. Thankfully, there are options out there for people who detest walking and running. Dancing can provide the same sort of health benefit. This is especially true when it comes to Read the rest of this entry »

Stretching to Increase Flexibility for Dancing

Dance is an exercise that truly tests the boundaries of movements of the human body, combining grace and poise in an exhibition of fluidity. Professional dancers have the ability to adapt to a wide variety of poses and movements, and this means that their muscles must be very flexible. Stretching therefore is highly beneficial for anyone looking to improve their dancing abilities.
One of the most popular ways to increase flexibility is through yoga practice. Regular yoga Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Warm-ups for Dance Practice

Before you hit the dance floor, you need to warm up your body so that you don’t pull a muscle. There are some fun exercises that you can do that will get your blood flowing in only a few minutes.

Push-ups and sit-ups are great things that you can do before you practice dancing that will strengthen not only your arms and abdominal muscles, but it will get your heart rate up. Do about 20 repetitions of each exercise before each practice. Running in place is another fun way to get your body limber. Do a few arm circles Read the rest of this entry »